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VPlants mars_alt documentation

Module description


Mars Alt is a pipeline primarly designed to track cell lineages at different time steps. It is the result of Romain Fernandez’ PhD.

The original version was based on shell scripts calling binaries, and using the chain needed a high level of computer knowledge.

To make the Mars Alt pipeline usable for researchers outside the VirtualPlants team, an effort has been made to port the original code to the Openalea Platform and diffuse the tools as part of the VPlants.VTissue package, freely. The new version is now Python based, with dependencies to Numpy, Scipy and VPlants.Tissue, Openalea and binaries contrinuted by the INRIA Asclepios team as well as binaries from the original version.

New developments and improvements will happen in this new version as it is a lot easier to use - in our opinion - than the original one.

The VirtualPlant team and friends.


  • Christophe Pradal
  • Daniel Barbeau
  • Eric Moscardi
  • Manuel Forero
  • Romain Fernandez


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  • 08/07 : add this package layout

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VPlants.mars_alt is released under a Cecill-C License.


Cecill-C license is a LGPL compatible license.