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Current version: 0.9.0

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OpenAlea Core documentation

Module description


OpenAlea.Core is able to:

  • Discover and manage packages and logical components
  • Build and evaluate dataflows
  • Generate final applications

It doesn’t include any GUI interface (See OpenAlea.Visualea for that).


  • A PDF version of OpenAlea.Core documentation is available.

See also

More documentation can be found on the openalea wiki.


  1. Dufour-Kowalski
  1. Pradal
  1. Barbeau


OpenAlea.Core 0.7.0

  • Fix the creation of a node factory without inputs and outputs (bug #8369)
  • Add Sphinx documentation in ./doc and update the setup.cfg accordingly
  • fix task 3607
  • Fix bug #8356. If the user package creation abort, Visualea do not crash.
  • Fix bug #5974: When you create a new node, you can now edit it even if the code is not valid
  • Improve the startup time for visualea
  • Enhance the Package Manager to not traverse again the list of packages several times.
  • Upload sphinx documentation on the web

22/01/09 release 0.6.2

  • Revision 1575

  • Fix the API documentation (remove errors/warnings in epydoc):

  • Fix the tests

  • Fix minor bugs

  • Add module to manage the category labels

  • Fix pkgmanager: it was unable to load some nodes due to

    conflict between protected nodes and packages

  • Add Delay Node

  • Moved system nodes into stdlib.flow control

  • Moved RGB node to openalea.color

09/04/08 release 0.4.0

Package management

  • New Package directory layout (__wralea__)
  • Better package management (copy, move, delete, add file etc...)
  • Improved reload
  • Support for Data file in packages with DataFactory and DataNode
  • Add a package icon
  • Add PseudoPackages for hierarchical package organization
  • Better search function
  • Improve loading performance of package manager (use of cache)
  • Add alias capability
  • Support for deprecated in wralea entry point

Composite node

  • Add a description for ports
  • Group nodes feature improved
  • Better reload functions (package and package manager)


  • Continuous evaluation for selected nodes
  • Function abstraction (with X node and map)
  • Add File monitoring
  • Evaluation can be blocked on a node


  • Add the “alea” command to access to OpenAlea function from the shell
  • Bug fixes

19/10/07 release 0.3.0

  • Multiple categories
  • Reload module capabilities
  • Bug fix

24/09/07 alpha release 0.3.0a

  • “Save as CompositeNode” save values
  • Add copy/Paste support
  • Save Session command improved
  • Export Application
  • New evaluation algorithms with priority, and loop capabilities
  • Add system nodes like iter, dataflow access..
  • A lot of bug fix

06/07/07 alpha release 0.2.1a

  • Dataflow evaluation algorithm is set in user preference
  • Add a selective algorithm
  • Add priority node property
  • Add multiple input entry (for list creation)
  • Add an Abstract base class AbstractNode to define special node like annotations
  • Improve dynamic IO configuration
  • Improve composite-node -> factory function
  • Create a system package for particular node (annotations)
  • Bug fixes

13/06/07 Alpha release 0.2.0a.(Main refactoring)

  • A lot of bug fixes.
  • New node declaration (without inheritance)
  • New graph data structure
  • New modular dataflow evaluation (lazy evaluation)
  • XML export has been replaced by Python code export for composite nodes
  • Dynamic reloading and code edition for node
  • Search function
  • Datapool class
  • New session class with persistence based on Pickle (experimental)

09/02/06 release 0.1.0

(First release for development purpose.)

  • Node / Factory / Package / Interface definitions
  • Package manager (Discovering
  • Graph construction and evaluation
  • Session management and persistence in XML


OpenAlea.Core is released under a Cecill-C License.


Cecill-C license is a LGPL compatible license.