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1. OpenAlea.Pylab User Guide

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Current version: 0.9.0

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OpenAlea Pylab documentation

Module description


This is an OpenAlea package that provide a graphical user interface to Pylab/Matplotlib functionalities as nodes in VisuAlea.

See the User Guide to learn how to create this scatter plot within VisuAlea.


Example of dataflow that allows a graphical usage of Matplotlib library.


  • A PDF version of OpenAlea.Pylab documentation is available.

See also

openalea wiki.


Thomas Cokelaer


  • 20 Oct 2010: major refactoring before first release
    • plotting nodes have now a uniform api with the first input and output connector being used to pass on the axes on which data are plotted
    • all nodes related to axes manipulation are now in wralea_decorators
    • more tests and demos
    • all internal code common to all wralea are now in
    • doc on line.
    • plot3d added
  • 8 April 2010: start documentation

  • 6 April 2010: most of pylab plotting functionalities (plot, quiver, contour, scatter, ...) available within VisuAlea. Starting 3d plots (e.g., line3d).

  • 10 March 2010: starting layout of this package


OpenAlea.Pylab is released under a Cecill-C License.


Cecill-C license is a LGPL compatible license.