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Current version: 0.8.5

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OpenAlea Visualea documentation

Module description


OpenAlea.Visualea provides a graphical user interface to :

  • View installed package on the system

  • Build graphically dataflow by interconnecting boxes.

  • Access directly to python functionality.

  • Display widgets



  • A PDF version of OpenAlea.Visualea documentation is available.

See also

More documentation can be found on the openalea wiki.


OpenAlea consortium <>


OpenAlea.Visualea 0.7.0

revision xxxx

  • Fix bug #5551. A port can be hidden and the associated widget will be shown if specified with showwidget.
  • improve the startup time for visualea
  • Fix bug #7933: Do not try to convert QT_VERSION into int.
  • Use the operator implemented on QT_VERSION_STR
  • upload sphinx to the web

02/09 release 0.6.2

revision 1575

01/08/08 release 0.4.0

Package Manager

  • Simplify menus and context menus with new package support
  • Simplify factory selector when exporting a package
  • Package code edition
  • Support for icon (menu + icon grabber)
  • New reload function for package
  • Tree state is not changed when adding/deleting nodes
  • New package command (copy, move, delete)
  • Add show log command


  • Better code edition (external editor)
  • Support for Data editor (list of editors)
  • Composite widget improved
  • Customizable layout for standard NodeWidget


  • Support for port description
  • Node context menu improved
  • Add a symbol for hidden ports (>>)
  • Add color zone for node state
  • Change color scheme
  • Add “user application” property for final nodes
  • Add “Block” property
  • Add a reload command
  • Add a replace_by command


  • Change color scheme
  • Improved node manipulation (performance)
  • Interactive port coloration
  • A node is shown even if it can not be loaded

Python interpreter

  • Add drag and drop capabilities from the workspace/datapool to the interpreter


  • Change splash screen
  • Notification with QT Signal/Slot
  • Remove some QT compatibility warnings
  • Bug fix

24/09/07 alpha release 0.3.0

  • New edge draw functions (polylines and splines) in preferences
  • Support new core function (copy/paste, export application, save session)
  • Improved QScintilla shell (help, copy/paste)
  • A lot of bug fixes

06/07/07 alpha release 0.2.1a

  • Add node property editor
  • Add in preference dataflow algorithm configuration
  • Annotations are now saved in dataflow (considered as a particular node)
  • IO configuration now works
  • Node group export and auto-connection works
  • Setup PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable in starting script
  • Change Splashscreen
  • Bug fixes

13/06/07 Alpha release 0.2.0a

  • Refactoring
  • A lot of bug fixes.
  • New Workspace Management
  • Graph manipulation improved
  • Dynamic node code edition
  • QScintilla based python interpreter
  • Search tab
  • Datapool view and manipulation
  • Multi inputs in a node
  • Export Dataflow as a Node
  • List/Dictionary Widgets
  • Persistence (experimental)
  • Graph Annotations (experimental)
  • Preference dialog
  • Save configuration

09/02/07 : First release for testing purpose.

  • GUI in PyQT4
  • Package manager view by package / category
  • Build/Edit graph
  • Simple python interpreter
  • Dataflow view


OpenAlea.Visualea is released under a Cecill-C License.


Cecill-C license is a LGPL compatible license.