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1. Stocatree User Guide

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Current version: 0.9.4

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MAppleT and Stocatree documentation

Module description


This package contains the original C++ code of MAppleT, which is not maintained anymore. A new implementation has been written in Python to be used within OpenAlea framework. This python implementation is called Stocatree and provides a LSystem (similar but not identical to MAppleT) that can be used with LPy

See the user guide and reference guide for more information about installation and usage.



  • Thomas Cokelaer, <Thomas Cokelaer __at__ sophia inria fr> (Stocatree MappleT in Python/Lpy)
  • Colin Smith (MAppleT CPP/Lstudio version)


Version 0.9.3:4 Nov 2010
  • cleanup documentaiton and code
Version 0.9.2:3 Nov 2010
  • complete tests
Version 0.9.1:3d Nov 2010
  • Fix bug related to preformed leaves that were not proportional to the rank
  • Update the documentation
Version 0.9.0:25 May 2010
  • refactoring of stocatree to optimise running time
  • fix bug related to moment of are of annular section
  • fix bug related to reaction wood
  • complete documentation and examples
Version 0.8.0:Dec 8th 2009
  • Move all C++ code of MappleT into src/cpp
  • copy relevant data into ./data
  • create stocatree project in ./src/stocatree that is a python imlementation of MappleT
  • create sphinx documentation of stocatree in ./doc
Version 0.7.0:
  • MAppleT cpp code has been moved to ./src/cpp
  • StocaTree a python implementation of MAppleT has been written and put in ./src/stocatree


VPlants.StocaTree is released under a Cecill-C License.


Cecill-C license is a LGPL compatible license.