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Current version: 2.1.0

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VPlants Container documentation

Module description


OpenAlea.Container is a Python package for the creation and manipulation of shared data structure such as:

  • Graph,
  • Tree,
  • Grid,
  • TopoMesh


  • A PDF version of VPlants.Container documentation is available.

See also

More documentation can be found on the openalea wiki.


This file must contain the list of the package authors

  • Jerome Chopard
  • Christophe Pradal


OpenAlea.Container 0.7.0

  • Fix several bugs in remove_tree, add_tree, ...
  • Add unit tests
  • Add a conversion to and from graphviz (by using pydot) and networkx
  • Enhance the export to NetworkX by considering graph with non connected components.
  • Implement the breadth first search algorithm on a graph
  • Add level order traversal and tests.
  • Create a first skeleton for the user documentation
  • Add generator methods for tree.
  • Add implementation and interface of tree.
  • use array instead of set in topomesh
  • update container sphinx documentation
  • Add rooted graph interface and tree interface.
  • Add Property graph class which is a graph with vertex and edge properties.
  • Add Property graph class which is a graph with vertex and edge properties.
  • Fix bug in clear method. Add a clear method to IdGenerator.
  • added txt serialization to topomesh
  • added different kind of idgenerators
  • new implementation of id generator using sets
  • added mesh algo and alea nodes for mesh
  • neighbors operator in mesh
  • Add MAC OS X dynamic library to the package data to install build libraries correctly.
  • Update SConscript and Sconstruct for compatibility with scons 1.0 and the latest version of sconsx
  • Create a first skeleton for the user documentation
  • Implement a method to convert a Graph into a NetworkX graph
  • Add generator methods for tree.
  • Fix a bug in Tree. Now empty Tree (Tree without root node) are not allowed.
  • Add new packages as a proposal for algorithms (traversal, backend, readwrite).
  • Add tree interface and implementation.
  • Provide basic traversal algorithms.


VPlants.Container is released under a Cecill-C License.


Cecill-C license is a LGPL compatible license.