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Current version: 0.9.0

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VPlants Stat_tool documentation

Module description


VPlants.Stat_Tool is a package containing basic statistic functions and classes.


Yann Guédon (Original code ; Cpp version; documentation)

Thomas Cokelaer (Boost python wrapping, python modules, tests, documentation)


Stat_tool 0.9.0

version 9815

  • function renaming:
    • ParametricModel to DiscreteParametricModel
    • MultivariateMixture replaces Mv_Mixture
    • DisctributionData into Discretedistriburtiondata
    • new class histogram
  • new classes
    • marginal histograms
    • MVMixture objects
    • New Vectors constructor for MTG interface
    • Clustering and entropy withMultivariateMixture models.
    • Continuous parametric distributions (Gaussian, von Mises)
    • Observation process built from continuous parametric distributions
    • Introduction of ContinuousParametricProcess
  • plotting in pylab is now fully available (stat_tool and sequence_analysis)

  • Display is fully implemented as in old AML version.

  • remove dependencies to sequence_analysis package

  • move some data from test/data to /share/data

  • move demos into sequence_analysis since there are dependencies on this package

  • doc online:

Stat_tool 0.8.5

  • Finalisation of Boost python wrapping; fix some bugs
  • Completion of the tests in ./test
  • all pylab/matplotlib plots are now available
  • add demos in VisuAlea (put in sequence_analysis package)

Stat_tool 0.7.0

  • Major update adding most of the AMl functionalities, tests and plot using matplotlib interface on the 3d of August 2009

  • finalise wrapping of the stat_tool cpp code with boost_python

  • finalise Python interface a la AML (same syntax as AML code)

  • sphinx documentation:
    • user guide
    • reference guide
    • administration guide
    • tutorials.
  • add exhaustive unitary tests in ./test (coverage>80%)

  • add functional tests

  • move graphical interface to matplotlib

release 0.6.2


VPlants.Stat_tool is released under a Cecill-C License.


Cecill-C license is a LGPL compatible license.