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This page is obsolete and replaced by the download release notes page.

Changelog and release notes

This is OpenAlea changelog, which also includes release notes concerning other projects such as Vplants and Alinea.

Release 0.8

Release 0.8.0

The release 0.7.0 was compiled using Python 2.6.2 and a BoostPython version <1.41. There is a major problem with this release that is related to a conflict between new version of Python (2.6.3 and 2.6.4) and old version of BoostPython (<1.41). The version 1.41 of BoostPython solve this conflict and therefore a new release of OpenAlea/VPlants/Alinea is required. Note that OpenAlea itself does not require BoostPython and is therefore fully compatible with any Python version. Only Vplants/Alinea need to be re-compiled

A new branch called release_0.8 was created:

  • openalea: branch created in openalea/branches/release_0_8 at revision 2101
  • vplants: branch created in vplants/vplants/branches/release_0_8 at revision 7524

release status 0.8.0

Release 0.7

Release 0.7.0

Branches have been created:

  • OpenAlea revision 1762 and merge later on (1762:1857). The trunk, r1870 contains all modifications made in the branch.

In addition, we added multisetup.py in openalea.misc (rev1901), which made the official 0.7.0 release of OpenAlea. Source files of this revision are on the GForge.

  • Vplants revision 6722 and merged later on (rev6952). Final revision for the official release if 7012.
  • Alinea 0.7.0 release is 433 (20/21 october 2009).

release status 0.7

Release 0.6

This release includes the components of three projects:

  • OpenAlea - Component framework and visual programming.
  • Alinea - Simulation of ecophysiological and agronomic processes.
  • VPlants - Analysis, modeling and simulation of plant architecture and its development at different scales

This release provides early access to new modules, features and fixes scheduled for release in OpenAlea 1.0.


Please remove your old configuration file (openalea.cfg) before installing OpenAlea (e.g. ~/.openalea/openalea.cfg under Linux, or C:\Documents and Settings\pradal\.openalea\openalea.cfg on Windows).

What's new in this release

Here is a short description of important changes since the 0.4 release.

This release is available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.


  • Non-root installation,
  • Control flow implementation (map, while, …),
  • Update of developer and user documentation
  • 'catalog' module has been restructured into 'stdlib'
  • Update the tutorial and demonstrations
  • And lots of bug fixes and improvements.

  • Caribu - Modeling suite for lighting 3D virtual scenes.
  • Adel - A 3D architectural and process-based model of maize and wheat development.
  • Topvine - Simulation of vine canopy structure.

  • PlantGL - Graphic toolkit for the creation, simulation and analysis of 3D virtual plants.
  • Aml - Exploration analysis and reconstruction of plant architecture.
  • Fractalysis - Multiscale framework for modeling and analyzing light interception.
  • WeberPenn - Geometric tree generation based on allometric rules.

Previous releases

This release is mainly a bug fix release

  • Deploy execute build_ext before build_py
  • Improved group command
  • Add invalidate command
  • Save composite node when a workspace is closed
  • Better error handling when a node have been renamed
  • Fix Package renaming problem
  • Show/Hide port bug fix
  • Save Node property bug fix


  • integrates a new “develop” command which allow developers to work on their package

without installing it with standard 'install' command. It is an

adaptation of the standard setuptools "develop" command but for 
hybrid python/c++ projects.

First beta releases of the OpenAlea kernel (for developer only)

The new packages are :

  • OpenAlea.Core : Base library to manage packages, logical components and the dataflow.
  • OpenAlea.Visualea : The graphical user interface.
  • OpenAlea.Catalog : A first component catalog.
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