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Coding Sprint 12,13,14 November 2008

Place : Cirad, Montpellier Lavalette, (map)

  • Room 137 Building 2 (for the 12 and 13 November)
  • Room L17 Building 1 (for the 13 and 14 November)

First Program

  • Next release (foreseen on 15th December 2008)
    • Methodology to release a package
    • Test of dataflow
    • Refactoring of the component names
  • Core improvment
    • Package manager
  • Package integration
    • Vplants, Alinea, Openalea
  • Bug hunting / Testing
  • Code Review / Refactoring (Pylint, Port definition)
  • Naming guidelines / Category
  • Documentation


  • Frederic Boudon
  • Thomas Cokelaer
  • Jérôme Chopard
  • David Da Silva
  • Etienne Farcot
  • Christian Fournier
  • Samuel Dufour-Kowalski
  • Christophe Pradal
  • Chakkrit Preuksakarn
  • Yassin Refahi


Package integration

Requirements to release a package :

  • Easy installation procedure
  • Brief presentation of the package on the packages section (see documentation)
  • Tutorial in Visualea to present the capabilities of the package (see examples in demo)
  • Source and binary packages with specified dependencies for Linux and Windows (see setup)
  • API documentation for Python and/or C++
  • Unit tests for python code and for dataflow

Program / Work

Unit test

  • Test of Dataflow (Etienne Fred)
    • Add a function in core to execute a dataflow
    • several tests on dataflow and nodes (math and former python-method components well tested); the method developed on those tests may be used to provide systematic tests for the tutorials included in the next release.


  • Update the starter package ( Thomas Christian)
    • Improve the documentation for new users
    • added exhaustive documentation of the setup.py in the Starter package.


  • Name standardisation in OpenAlea packages (Chakkrit Christophe)
  • Update of the StdLib version.

Loop implementations

  • (Yassin Chakkrit Christophe)
  • implementation of a delay node ; work needed for the retro-action simulation.
  • Fibonacci function works but the factorial is trickier to implement.
  • (Etienne, Yassin)
    • implementation of an Euler's scheme

Integration of packages

  • Meristem simulation (Jérôme)

package manager improvment

  • (Samuel Thomas )
  • The cache option has been removed
  • The path is now split in user path and system path.
  • A side effect occurred on entry points but has been fixed (Christophe Samuel)

tutorial add-ons

  • (Christophe)
    • tutorials and demos have been added in Stdlib


  • (Christophe)
    • restructuration de philotaxy (snow and snow)
  • (Chakkrit)
    • tests on plantgl with unitary tests
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