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February 2010 Coding Sprint

10/11/12th February, Montpellier

name position themes os goals
Youssef Avri postdoc bordeaux pathogens on vines and apple tree. MacOsX -
Chakkrit, PhD in Montpellier 3D laser scan, - -
Didier Combes - model gramines to couple light winxp use newmtg, improve lpy interface
Christian Fournier inra, montpellier gramines - caribu -adel - add geometry on MTG, FSPM paper
alexis PhD, avignon phenotype wheat, ubuntu use openalea,
camille chambon inra grignon model ecophysiology wheat - sphinx, graph, matplotlib
romain bariot angers model light interception - newmtg, mini populatio with several species
pierre wing computer scientists statistics R DB dataming -
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