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This page is the entry point to VTissue/MarsAlt related development.

The following columns give an overview of the chain and of the status of each step. The color of the box gives indication regarding the status of the implementation of each step:

Implementation finished, remains polishing
Implementation nearly finished
Not implemented yet

Inside each box you find links to the documentation fo the task is implemented. You can also have short todos or comments on issues.

MARS status overview

The MARS tutorial

Fuse multi-angle to super resolution

Manual Landmark Registration

Automatic Linear Registration Refinement (Baladin)

Automatic Non-Linear Registration Refinement (SuperBaloo)

The binary (executable) has been wrapped and a node is in Visualea.
User Guide API Documentation

Segmentation Top level API reference

Denoising (ASF, Gaussian Filter)

Seed extraction

Analyse seg. Remove bad seeds

ALT status overview

The ALT tutorial


Expert lineages GUI

API Documentation.

Doesn't work on Fedora Core 14 or 15
Node missing

Linear registration from lineages

Dense field from expert residuals

Automatic non-linear registration refinement (SuperBaloo)

The binary (executable) has been wrapped and a node is in Visualea.
No link to documentation as we're not sure this can be published just now.

Lineaging Loop

Lineage candidates

Bipartite flow-graph solving

Lineage filtering


Final efforts (December 2011)

  • Update Visualea Nodes for MARS and ALT (DB priority 5)
  • Finish ALT documentation (DB priority 5)
  • Hunt bug in rfernandez_flow_solving (32 vs 64 bits) (DB priority 3)
  • Put placeholders for Asclepios Licenses (DB priority 2)
  • Develop or finish visualisation tools (alt initialisation) (LG, VM, JL priority 4)
  • Solve SuperBaloo issue (Les chefs, priority 5)

Future Developments

  • Optimal canvas size calculation for Fusion (LG priority 4)
  • Add new filters (selective gaussian filter) for segmentation (LG priority 3)
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