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February 2010 Coding Sprint

10/11/12th February, Montpellier

name position themes os goals
Youcef Mammeri postdoc bordeaux pathogens on vines and apple tree. MacOsX 10.5 install openalea and start interfacing his code within visualea
Chakkrit PhD in Montpellier 3D laser scan, - -
Didier Combes - model graminel to couple light winxp use newmtg, improve lpy interface
Christian Fournier inra, montpellier gramines - caribu -adel winxp add geometry on MTG, FSPM paper
Alexis Comar PhD, avignon phenotype wheat ubuntu, windows 7 install and use openalea
Camille Chambon inra grignon model ecophysiology wheat Linux, Windows sphinx, graph, matplotlib
Romain Barillot angers model light interception Win XP newmtg, plant population reconstruction with several species
Pierre Huynh INRA avignon, computer scientist statistics R DB dataming Windows XP light openalea development
Christophe Pradal CIRAD openalea,alinea,vplants admin + many more all :-) all
Thomas Cokelaer INRIA openalea/vplants admin, apple tree modelall mtg/lpy/apple tree
Daniel Barbeau INRIA openalea/vplants admin, visualea all grapheditor
Samuel Dufour-Kowalski INRA montpellier capsis Ubuntu 9.10 interface openalea/capsis(java/python)
François de Coligny INRA montpellier capsis Mac interface openalea/capsis(java/python)
gaetan Louarn INRA Lusignan TopVine model, photosynthesis Win XP Lpy/mtg and TopVine model with photosynthesis
Benoit DussolanINRA avignonteledetection - adel Win XP adel for wheat model
Damien FumeyINRA montpellier apple tree pruning Win 7 lsystem apple tree
Jean-Christophe SoulieCIRAD montpellier simulation and rice model Win XP adel and ecomeristem

work done

  • youcef : installed openalea/visualea under MacOSX
  • thomas/youcef : initialisation of m2a3pc/cep package with visualea nodes
  • christophe: started record usage in visualea
  • damien: looked at loop to launch nodes, record interface, scripting visualea
  • Sam / François: java/python forestry dataflow from capsis into visualea/PlantGL
  • didier-romain: newMTG usage difficulties with plantframe
  • alexis: installed OA/VA under ubuntu and Seven. Update wiki.starting python usage to add prospect
  • christian: axialtree2mtg fix; mtg structure , scripting visualea; package manager to be optimized;
  • camille: sphinx, looking at matplotlib, get feeling of visualea
  • christophe: worked on mtg, lsytem, …


plotting interface, graph editor, mtg leaf modeling ?

  • Prospect, a matlab code, has been ported to Python/Scipy
  • And much more…
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