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Classic python shell inside LPy and Visualea doesn't permit many things (poor tab-completion, poor syntax coloring, no plot embedded, poor doc, no magic functions, poor debug system…).

Propose solution : IPython

To embed IPython shell!

OpenAlea installation

You have to use a recent version of OpenAlea and to install IPython.

OpenAlea stable version

It will automatically work for versions > 1.0.

OpenAlea development version

If you have development version, it works since spring 2013!

You have to update your OpenAlea installation thanks to svn:

cd MyOpenAleaInstallation
svn up
python multisetup.py develop

IPython installation

To use IPython inside VisuAlea or LPy, you have to install IPython >=1.0.

Classic Installation

The easiest way is to use easy_install:

easy_install ipython[all]

That's all…

If you prefer, you can use pip:

pip install ipython[all]

Advanced Installation thanks to Git

If you want, you can use develop version. First install Git (for example: http://git-scm.com/).

Then you have to:

git clone https://github.com/ipython/ipython.git
cd ipython
python setup.py install

To be able to follow the development branch as it changes, simply replace the last step by:

python setupegg.py develop

This creates links in the right places and installs the command line script to the appropriate places.

Then, if you want to update your IPython at any time, just do:

git pull

If you want to change branch: to branch 0.13.x, 1.x or HEAD:

git checkout 0.13.x
git checkout 1.x
git checkout master

After checkout, don't forget to re-do “python setup.py install” or “python setup.py develop”

More details: http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/stable/install/install.html

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