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FAQ OpenAlea

What is OpenAlea ?

Please, read the presentation page.

Where can I find the documentation ?

Lots of documentation about OpenAlea is accessible on the Wiki that you are currently browsing. The wiki is dedicated to OpenAlea and VisuAlea, which is its Visual Programming Environment. However, OpenAlea provides many more packages that may be part of other projects. Each package has its own home page that can be found within a web page generated from the sources files using Sphinx Sphinx pages.

Where can I download OpenAlea ?

Have a look to the download page.

I want to compile packages from source file, where can I find the sources ?


What are the requirements to use OpenAlea ?

The aim of OpenAlea is to develop portable tools on MS/Windows, MacOsX and GNU/Linux.

It is based on the Python language and the Trolltech graphical QT library.

They are a lot of packages, which packages I have to install ?

OpenAlea is not a fixed architecture and brings together different developments.

You can either choose the package you want to use manually, or directly download and install a complete distribution.

See also the User Guide

I have question or a problem. Who can help me ?

Please ask any questions related to OpenAlea on the Forum.

How can I be informed for new releases or upgrades ?

News are available through a RSS feed associated to the project. You can visualize them on the Web Site (news) or directly with your aggregator.

All the RSS feed are available here.

For major announcement, the mailing list is also used.

What are the available packages ?

Each OpenAlea package have a short description page on this site. Check the packages list.

What is the license of OpenAlea ?

OpenAlea will be released under a free license (GPL or LGPL or CeCILL). For more information about licenses, please read this page.

However, external OpenAlea packages can be distributed under other license terms. This information is available on each package web page.

How can I integrate my own package in the OpenAlea framewok ?

Every development can be integrated in the OpenAlea framework, since it respects some guidelines.

More more information, read the developer guide.