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OpenAlea is a component system.

Each component are installed in a pure Python namespace package named openalea.

Components can be used:

  • by any other Python program,
  • or can be interconnected together via interfaces and adapters through a specific software bus.

OpenAlea provides also a set of tools for configuring, building and installing a package. see Compilation and installation framework

OpenAlea contains:

  • Portable tools (windows/linux) for building packages based on C++ programs with python wrappers.
  • Distribution tools for installing heterogeneous (C/C++/Python/…) packages in the openalea namespace.
  • Common data structures (tree graphs, sequences, scene graph…) which can be shared between packages.
  • A software bus for discovering and module connection via interfaces and adapters.
  • An application to connect graphically modules in a data-flow paradigm.
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