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OpenAlea Charter


The charter defines the structure of the community (designers, modelers and users) and the rules between the different OpenAlea project actors. Main goals are :

  • Synergy between actors
  • Defining roles, depending on each one qualification (computer scientist, modeler or biologist)
  • Ensure the intellectual property
  • Providing a clear working framework

Role of the various actors

1. Developers or designers work on the OpenAlea framework (architecture, specifications, development, maintenance and distribution) and the generic data structures. They define and document quality rules and software engineering practices. They provide training, support and assistance for modelers.

2. Modelers develop and integrate their packages and tools into OpenAlea. They provide support and training for users.

3. Users are active actors who not belong to other groups. They provide training and support to less experimented users via tutorials and documentation. They test and validate the software and some packages and may provide measurements as well as scenarios.


1. Open Source Framework
The OpenAlea framework is released under an LGPL license (Lesser Gnu Public License V2)

2. Intellectual Property
Each actor have to respect the intellectual property of other actors.

3. Development
Designers develop and maintain OpenAlea framework and tools. Modelers develop and maintain their packages.

4. Support
Modelers are trained and supported by designers. Users are supported by modelers.

5. Open Source Community
Developers (designers and modelers) agree to choose an open source license (GPL suggested) for packages using the know-how of the Alea designers, i.e. wrappers, test and GUI widgets. They will be available to the Alea community.

6. Distribution
Validated and open source packages will be distributed through OpenAlea web site. You shall publish your work (technical report, workshop, papers, …) before distribute it.

To be include into OpenAlea, a package have to :

  • be accessible in a Python interpreter;
  • provide API documentation, user documentation, and a unit test module;
  • be Open Source;
  • provide copyright and license information;
  • run at least under MS/Windows and a GNU/Linux distribution.
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