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First OpenAlea workshop on Functional-Structural Plant Modelling

Dates : June 14-15, 2011

Location: Agropolis, Avenue Agropolis, 34 Montpellier, France

The first OpenAlea workshop took place in June, 2011 in Montpellier, France. This workshop is a forum for exchanges between different scientific approaches for FSPM modelling, to facilitate the sharing of software components and the emergence of data standards and to share components between the different modelling groups involved in the development of the OpenAlea platform.

This workshop is open to all the developers, modelers and users of the OpenAlea platform and its components.

Main topics

  • Digitizing Plant architecture
  • Statistical analysis
  • Ecophysiological modelling
  • Plant reconstruction and simulation

Two round tables have been organized about OpenAlea development roadmap and interoperability between software platform in plant modelling.


June 14th, 2011


  • Context and Goals of the OpenAlea Project (C. Godin)Slides
  • Devlopment strategy for the OpenSource OpenAlea platform (C. Pradal)Slides
  • FSPM modelling in OpenAlea: the Alinea project (C. Fournier)Slides

Ecophysiological modelling

  • A model of spread of a pathogen within a growing plant using OpenAlea. Youcef Mammeri, Laboratoire Amiénois de mathématique, CNRS Amiens. Abstract
  • MAppleT: a functional-structural model of Apple Tree in OpenAlea. Liqi Han, UMR AGAP, INRA Montpellier.
  • RATP: a model for simulating the spatial distribution of Radiation Absorption,Transpiration and Photosynthesis within canopies. Marc Saudreau, UMR PIAF, Clermont-Ferrand Slides

Structural modelling

  • Adel@OpenAlea : A modular and extensible system for functional-structural modelling of Gramineae. Christian Fournier, UMR LEPSE, Montpellier. Slides
  • Statistical models of Sequences and Trees in OpenAlea. Jean-Baptiste Durand, EPI VirtualPlants, Montpellier/Grenoble. Abstract, Slides
  • Integration of spectral and directional leaves properties in 3D models for simulation of canopy reflectance. Alexis Comar, UMR EMMAH, INRA Avignon.

Round Table : Which Tools/Components/Models for the next 3 years?

June 15th, 2011

Generic modules

  • MTG: Generic multiscale data structures and algorithms for FSPM. Christophe Pradal, EPI Virtual Plants &UMR AGAP, CIRAD Montpellier. Slides
  • L-Py, a L-systems Python environment for plant simulation. Frédéric Boudon, EPI Virtual Plants &UMR AGAP, CIRAD Montpellier
  • Competition-based Model of Pruning Reactions: Applications to Apple Trees. Damien Fumey, UMR AGAP, Montpellier

Ecophysiological models

  • Topvine: a functional-structural model of grapevine considering management and climate effects. Gaetan Louarn, UR P3F, Lusignan. Slides
  • Coupling structure / function models to simulate the distribution of nitrogen in wheat. Elmer Alberto Ccopa Rivera, UMR EMMAH, INRA Avignon. Slides
  • The Virtual Grassland workpackage : tools and models to study and simulate grass and legume forages from plant to community scales. Abraham Escobar-Guitterez, URP3F, INRA Lusignan

Short talks

  • Plant architecture optimisation to reduce pesticide use : Construction of a simulation tool in OpenAlea. Bruno Andrieu, UMR EGC, Agro Paris Tech. Slides
  • 3D reconstruction of rose bush canopies: a step in the development of a functional-structural model simulating bud break. Jessica Bertheloot, UMR SAGAH, INRA Angers. Slides
  • PlantScan3D: Architecture reconstruction from laser scans. Fréderic Boudon, EPI Virtual Plants, INRIA Montpellier.

Round Table : Complementarity and interoperability of modeling platforms: What needs? What issues?

With S. Dufour-Kowalski, F. de Coligny (Capsis), P. Chabrier (Record), J.C Soulié (VLE) and C. Pradal (OpenAlea)

Organizers: Christophe Pradal, Christophe Godin and Christian Fournier

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