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How to create a source distribution of an entire project

In some case, user or developpers may want a simple archive file containing all the sources of a project.

So, we should provide such a file on the GForge.

Here is the procedure to follow. Taking as an example the OpenAlea project, revision 1575, which corresponds to the release 0.6.2

Get the source

First, you need the revision number and retrieve the files contained in the SVN archive. Using the following command, you prevent the directory to contain all the .svn directories:

svn export -r<revision> svn+ssh://<admin name>@<url><path_to_project> <path_where_to_copy_the_source>
svn export -r1575 svn+ssh://<admin name>@scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openalea/trunk ./openalea_source

Create the archive

Then create a compressed archive with this standard name:

tar cvfz OpenAlea.Source-0.6.2.r1575.tar.gz ./openalea_source 

Upload the file

Finally, upload the file to the GForge using openalea/misc/upload_dist.py script.

We've created a package name OpenAleaTGZ. As an example, for the 0.6.2 release, the package Id is 2295 (openalea group_id is 79), which are hardcoded in the script.

upload_dist --filename OpenAlea.Source-0.6.2.r1575.tar.gz


svn export -r5978 svn+ssh:<admin name>@scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/vplants/vplants/trunk ./vplants_source

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