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Upload sphinx documentation on the web

target: developers and administrators

Upload an already existing package documentation

The Sphinx documentation of each OpenAlea/VPlants/Alinea packages can be uploaded on the Wiki Sphinx documentation.

Once a package has a stable documentation, administrators, or developers can upload the HTML version on the wiki using the following command

python setup.py build_sphinx 
python setup.py sphinx_upload

at the package directory level. The directories ./doc/_build/html and ./doc/_build/latex will then be copied on the gforge using the <project> and <package> name that should be found in the file metainfo.ini or setup.cfg

The package's name (written in metainfo.ini and appearing in the main page of the documentation) is not necessarily the one used within the GForge (when using SCP command). If so, you can provide the new name within the setup.cfg in the section [upload_sphinx]. See for instance the package newmtg in vplants.

Your username will be asked. For the time being the protocol to copy the files is SCP so you must have you ssh key on the GFORGE.

An alternative is to use FileZilla by connecting to scm.gforge.inria.fr via SFTP/SSH.

See also for more help sphinx usage in OpenAlea

Uploading a package documentation for the first time

If the package documentation has never been uploaded, the command to upload the files will surely fail because the directory where to upload the files does not exist.

For instance, let us say you want to upload the sphinx documentation of a package in openalea project that is called brandnew. Then, you will need to create the following directories in

You will need to connect to the scm.gorge.inria.fr server and go to home/groups/openalea/htdocs/doc/openalea/ to create those directories.

Yet, your package will not appear on the main Sphinx page amongst the other packages. To do so, you will need to update the templates in ./openalea/misc/share/_templates/openalea_packages or ./openalea.misc/share/_templates/vplants_packages and so on (for alinea). Then, go to ./openalea/doc/ and type

  make html

Finally, in the same directory type

  python upload_sphinx --username <your username>
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