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How to use collaborative tools


OpenAlea project intends to promote collaborative work for software development in the domain of biology, ecophysiology, statistics…

In order to help users and developers to share their works, there is a set of tools intends to facilitate communication. All these tools are provided by the INRIA's Gforge website.

Mailing Lists

There are also different mailing-lists associated to the project.

The mailing lists group a large community and must be use for major announcements (meetings, formations, major releases, etc).

However, mailing-list have several drawbacks. Lists archives are not easily accessible and non-registered users will not see the archive immediately. For this reason, we deployed other communication tools.


The news page displays recent and short information concerning the OpenAlea project. The published news concern package releases, documents publications or others events (updates, website…) and represent the project activity. Everybody is able to see these news on the web site.

The news are read from a RSS feed associated to the project. RSS (for Rich Site Summary) is a standard to publish web contents which can be viewed and organized through RSS-aware software or automatically conveyed as new content on another website.

OpenAlea news are centralized on the Gforge site. You can also use a RSS aggregator to watch the news out. (Firefox, Thunderbird can read RSS feed).


Forum can be used for technical questions or discussions between users and developers. They allow to record discussion which remains on the web site. They can be viewed by other people which have a analogous question.

Anybody can post a message on the OpenAlea forum. The forum are animated by the project administrators and messages will be reviewed regularly.

We highly encourage to use the forum for every subject concerning OpenAlea.

The forum is divided in different subjects. There are subjects for OpenAlea framework, but also for packages which are distributed on the project platform. Post your message in the correct forum, or in the open-discussion forum.

Go to the OpenAlea Forum.

You must create a account on the gforge site to be able to post a message on a forum.

To do so, go to the gforge home page and click on the “Create Account” link located in the top right corner of the page.

Instant Messaging (Jabber)

It is possible to organize meetings on instant messaging.

The Jabber protocol has been choose because it is an open and secure protocol.

Jabber is supported by different clients for Windows and Linux. They are listed on this page

You must create an account on a jabber server to be able to communicate. the client integrate dialogs to create a Jabber account.

You can consult the jabber user manual for more information.

Submit a bug or a feature request

The OpenAlea project management system includes also a tool to submit bugs or feature requests. These tools can be very helpful to maintain and improve the software. They are public, so anybody can submit a bug report.

A bug report must be the more complete as possible. Think to precise the context, the bug must be reproducible.

To Do list

We maintain also a TO DO list on the Gforge platform.

To Do list

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