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How to use SVN (subversion)


OpenAlea uses a source code management system called Subversion for all the source code. This allows us to keep a complete history for each file and facilitate collaborative developments. There are repositories on an SVN server (the GForge), and you use an SVN client to get the code and send it back to the server.

SVN Access

On the GForge, repositories can have different access rules. Some are publicly read-only, some or totally private (which means only authorized developers can get access to read/write to it). The following table summarizes the access rights. Of course if you don't have the read rights, you won't be able to view the websvn. If you have an account, consider logging in.

Public Developers Link
Openalea Read Read-Write WebSVN
VPlants None Read-Write WebSVN
Openalea Read Read-Write WebSVN

Gaining developer access

First you need to register an account on the forge. Then you must request access to the repository you want:

Your request will then be accepted or refused by the project administators.

Configuring your dev access

To commit new changes, you need to be registered on the Gforge platform. If you want to read and write on a SVN repository, you need a authenticated access. You can use either SSH or DAV.


The SSH protocol is the most convenient to use but need some configuration. To use the SSH protocol, you need to upload your public SSH Key. Please read this tutorial http://siteadmin.gforge.inria.fr/FAQ.html#Q6.


The DAV protocol doesn't need any configuration, but you will need to enter your GForge password for every SVN access.

Getting the code

You can retrieve the code by using subversion clients for you platform. There are command-line clients and graphical clients. The command line represents the standard so any instruction will be given as a command line.

SVN Clients

Graphical clients
Console Mode

For linux, install the subversion package of your distribution. For windows, just add tortoiseSVN's binary path to you system's path.

Retrieving the code for the first time

Take a look at the WebSVN links given here for instructions on how to download the source code.

Basic Operations

  • Checkout (First Download) : See here.
  • Update (To retrieve last modifications) :
    svn update
  • Commit (To commit your modifications) :
    svn commit

Advanced Operations

Follow this link.


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