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Basic Tutorials

Simple dataflows

Maths expressions

 simple expression

This graph shows how to construct a mathematical expression. It uses

  • Data types (int, float, string, list, dict, …)
  • Math operator (+, -,*, /, %, **, … )
  • Comparison operator (>, >=, ==, …)
  • Boolean operator (and, or, not, …)

List manipulation

  • If an input port has multiple connection, it automatically create a list. The order depends of the x position of the input box.
  • getitem allows to retrieve a particular element in a list
  • range generates a list of int between start and stop, ans using a particular step

File manipulation

  • Read a file
  • Write a file
  • List directory files

advanced dataflows

Execute a graph on a set of data (a list)

Simple case

Execute a function on different file

Complex expression / shared variable

Pseudo recursion

Generic loops

Advanced loop

 Fibonacci with a ''while multivariate node''

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