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Installation and dependencies under Linux distribution


OpenAlea is fully supported, and fully tested on Fedora Core 10 and 11 and Ubuntu 8.04 and 9.04. We can provide help on other platforms such as Mandriva, Suse… depending on the demand.

Python installation

On Linux, use your distribution package or download and install python == 2.5 or python == 2.6

installation without root permission

On Linux, you will need root permission . Possibly, virtualenv can be used if you have no root permission.

You can also follow this page for a non root installation under linux

installation from sources

On Linux, you will need to install third party library such QT4, PyQT4 and Boost by using your distribution packages. Here below is a list of known packages that need to be installed of several Linux distribution:

  • On mandriva
  • 2010.2 or upper (not tested)
  • Install dependencies from your distribution
urpmi python-qt4 libpython-devel python-qt4-qscintilla python-rpy2 python-numpy-devel python-numpy python-scipy scons python-setuptools ipython libboost_python python-nose python-opengl python-sip pyopengl qt4-linguist qt4-qtconfig
urpmi flex libtermcap-devel lapack-devel libboost-devel python-matplotlib boost-python readline libreadline-devel libmpfr1 libgmp10 libmpfr-devel libmesaglut3-devel libqhull-devel qhull 
  • You can install as root or locally (see non root installation)
  • Download OpenAlea as a tgz or on svn
  •  python multisetup.py install 
  • Download vplants:
    • Create a file options.py in vplants dir
    • Add one line:
  • Build and install (python setup.py / multisetup.py install | develop)
  • 2008
  • urpmi python-qt4 libpython-devel python-qt4-qscintilla libboost-devel
  • urpmi qt4-linguist qt4-qtconfig flex libtermcap-devel libqhull0-devel
  • 2009 (from fresh installation)
  • python related : gurpmi ipython python-rpy python-imaging matplotlib scipy python-qt4 libboost1.34.1
  • latex related: gurpmi tetex texlive-latex
  • others: urpmi libncurses libqhull
  • CGAL: No CGAL is available with urpmi. There is a fedora RPM, which can be installed and works under mandriva.
  • if you use the eggs (compiled under FC10), you also need to create symbolic links, some libraries may be missing. You may need to create symbolic links. For instance, if libqhull is missing, try something like ln -s /usr/lib/libqhull.so /usr/lib/libqhull.so.5
  •  FedoraOn Fedora Core,
    • version 10,yum install bison boost flex gnuplot numpy PyQt4 qt scipy R rpy python-matplotlib dvipng qhull CGAL
    • Developers may want to install extra librairies (i.e., using yum install CGAL-devel boost-devel freeglut-devel …)
  •  Ubuntu Ubuntu
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