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Weekly sprints


October, Thursday 8th 2009

Week summary

  • Daniel
    • look at composite nodes, widgets in OpenAlea.core/Visualea.
    • Implemented colors in the widget nodes.
    • started to look at generic class of widget to have abstract editor of graph (visulea) in the future.

So anybody could edit its own dataflow within or without OpenAlea.

  • Thomas:
    • wiki, bug closures, release issues
  • Eric:
    • Multisetup script implementation. difficulties: parsing of the command
  • Christophe:
    • work on the MTG.

future works

  • buildbot should be use (maybe pipol)
  • code quality with cheesecake
  • release announces on pypi, freshmeats
  • use gforge bug tracker
  • have a personal wiki page on virtualplants
  • start coding sprints (Daniel)
  • next release January with OpenAlea 1.0 and VPlants


  • Groimp, vlab, l-studio

pair programming

  • multisetup
  • color nodes in visualea

October, Thursday 15th 2009


  • Eric: setuptools
  • Christophe: MTG
  • Thomas: summary of wiki pages, packages status
  • Daniel: interface adaptor

October, Friday 16th 2009

Week summary


  • Redaction of the euroscipy article (openalea, some packages, deployment tools). The deadline is report to 15 nov.
  • Multi setup refactoring.


  • MISC: Integration of Multisetup into Visualea. Development of a widget to select some elements in a list.


  • Edition of graph classes from PyQt.
    • First design proposal: Strategy define the abstract element for graphs (Vertex, Edge, …)
    • First implementation on the architecture on Visualea
      • draw nodes and annotations


  • GroIMP / OpenAlea connexion
  • Ecomeristem: integration openalea/vle and FSPM
  • Article euroscipy


  • setuptools
  • MTG
  • wiki
  • interface

October, Thursday 22th 2009


  • Daniel: Adding a Graph class to graph editor
  • Eric: presentation of setup.py + deploy
  • Christophe: decorator function + class

December, Friday 4th 2009

Week summary


  • worked on the “mango tree” project
  • attended Data right presentation
  • worked on Vplants article with Christophe G.


  • Migration to Fedoda12
  • Enhancement and finalizing of Graph editor


  • Reviewing and reducing of MIPS packages and run MARS pipeline correctly
  • Begin the Qt4.6 release
  • Begin to use pylsm to convert lsm format images to inr format images

January, Thursday 7th 2010

New Release Mindstorming 07/01/2010 15:10

The release :

We plan a new release * Stage 1: Solve incompatibilities with boost and python 2.6.4. * Stage 2 : Mingw + qt4.6 Compile in windows and qt4.6 mac * Stage 3 : Openalea trunk is unstable. * Stage 4 : Menus are a mess

Pb : where do we put the new versions of packages. In the installer we can specify sites. If we put new packages on the VPlants site we can develop without impacting the users.


* Solve stage 1. * Work on stage 3 (today!)


Thomas restructured the documentation. * each package has a sphinx documentation. * removed automatic reference guide by sphinx (for various reasons, like better control of sphinx, not documentating undisclosable stuff). * There's a metainfo.ini file read by both setup.py and the sphinx conf file. There's a PEP about uniformising metainfo. Maybe change ”.ini” to ”.cfg”.


* Work on stabilizing trunk. * Work on the release (CP : work out a way to simplify the release process).

March, Wed 24th 2009


  1. documentation: sphinx, wiki, tutoriaux
  2. development: code review, functionalities(numpy/pylab, alinea, mtg/plantframe)
  3. release manager: continous integration, schedule(win64/32, fedora12/13, ubuntu 9.10/Mac 10.6) script to automatic install/dependencies
  4. package model vs Package development, citation, formalism, integrate oa installer within PM/version managment.

July, Thursday 22th 2010

Test session

  • Fix bug tests : OpenAlea/VPlants
    • module OpenAlea.Core

For the next week :

  • Fix test_alias from OpenAlea.Core
  • Fix OpenAlea.Stdlib.image

Documentation session

  • Update first page of wiki

July, Thursday 29th 2010

Test session

  • Fix bug tests : OpenAlea/VPlants
    • module OpenAlea.Core /Stdlib

Documentation session

  • Update wiki pages related to packages to link towards sphinx pages
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