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Weekly sprints 2013

2013/12/04 - December, Wednesday 4th 2013

Participants :

  • CC: Camille Chambon
  • CP: Christophe Pradal
  • GB: Guillaume Baty
  • JC: Julien Coste

Summary :

  • review of OS used by openalea users
    • CC's team : mainly MacOS and Windows, several linux
    • action: create a survey to quantify it
  • review of openalea deployement possibilities on different platforms
    • fedora: almost OK, need to study how to create a repository and automate rpm generation
    • MacOS: works on some MacOS version and distribution (homebrew, macports). Need to create a global openalea package (dmg)
    • Ubuntu: OK
    • Windows: work in progress
  • actions :
    • alea_install should follow standards (easy_install/pip) to be spread
    • improve (py)QGlViewer fork
    • choose best solution for global openalea package : package with all dependencies inside or meta-package
    • deployment of OpenAlea, VPlants, Alinea on Fedora: for each package, write a spec file which permits to create the appropriate binary RPM. Document the process to create the binary RPM from a spec file. The spec file and the process will evolve separately from the tools which permit the automated deployment of Openalea.
    • transmit the survey about the use of OpenAlea on the different operating systems.
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