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How to update the wiki

From time to time the wiki software needs to be updated (administrators will see warnings on top of the page such as security alerts, new release and so on).

Administrators will need to update the software. Here is the procedure to follow.

First, read the complete howto update the wiki. The following is a summary and practical version of it.

Tools: In order to copy the files you will need to use sftp protocol. Using the command line arguments is not always fun, so use something like FileZilla instead. In addition to provide a GUI interface, you will be able to do some recursive copy that will not be possible with command line arguments.

  • BACKUP the wiki.

You will need to be able to access to the gforge via sftp/scp. Here using sftp is enough. For instance using the command line, type

  scp -r login@scm.gforge.inria.fr:/home/groups/openalea/htdocs/dokuwiki ./dokuwiki_backup

Otherwise, you can proceed through FileZilla. Note that copying the files is longish because there is no recursive copy in sftp.

  • Then, Download and Unpack the new version
  wget http://www.splitbrain.org/_media/projects/dokuwiki/dokuwiki-rc2010-10-27.tgz
  tar -xzvf dokuwiki-rc2010-10-27.tgz
  • Copy/Upload all its files over your old DokuWiki installation overwriting all existing files
  cd dokuwiki-rc2010-10-27
  scp -r dokuwiki-rc2010-10-27 login@scm.gforge.inria.fr:/home/groups/openalea/htdocs/dokuwiki
  Within fileZilla, simply drag and drop the new version you have downloaded into the remote sftp location.
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