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OpenAlea is written in python as well as the alea_installer_gui (ez_alea_script). However they require PyQt4 and Qt to be installed on your system. The projects VPlants and Alinea depend on third-party libraries such as CGAL, qhull, rpy, matplotlib, scipy. If you do not install the dependencies, Visualea should start but not all functionalities will be available.

Under Windows and MacOsX the alea_install_gui should install all missing dependencies for you. Under Linux, you may need to install missing packages using yum or apt-get.

Search for your distribution in source_distribution and follow the link to obtain specific dependencies.

Platform specific information


  • Once the installation is over, visualea.exe should be available in the start menu. Troubles with Vista ? See also Troubleshooting page.


  • by default, Seven does not allow the ALEA INSTALLER to install packages. You will need to deactivate system restrictions by following these instructions:
    • go to configuration panel
    • go to users accounts and protection (“Comptes et protection des utilisateurs”)
    • go to modify user control parameters (“Modifier les paramètres de contrôle des comptes utilisateur”).
    • Move the selection bar to the bottom never ask me (“Ne jamais m'avertir”)
    • reboot the computer.
    • launch the ez_alea_setup.py script
VisuAlea must be started as administrator to access all functionalities. To do so, you may add a visualea shortcut on the desktop, then right click on the shortcut, go to properties, then adavanced and check “launch as administrator”

Mac Os X

  • Don't forget to install python 2.6 (see link above).


Fedora 10

Note that there is no vplants 0.7.0 or openalea 0.7.0 packages for fedora and that there is a fc10 or fc11 tag on the pre-compiled package filenames. This target is now unsupported for future releases.

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