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Binary installers

To satisfy dependencies, install them in the following left-to-right order:
You don't need to download anything else than these three executables :).

Python must not be installed in a path with spaces or non-ascii characters. Some components fail to handle those paths correctly.

If you already have Python installed:

  • is it installed for ALL USERS?
  • the files described here don't contain suspicious paths?

If you are installing Python for the first time:

  • During Python installation, choose to install it for all users or the installation will fail.

If you fear that the installers might wreck your python installation, consider renaming your old python directory:

ren C:\Python27 C:\Python27_BCKP

This way the installer will create a fresh installation and you can always go back in time by deleting the new directory and restoring your backup to its original name.

Online installation using eggs

We still release OpenAlea and co. with Python eggs. If you prefer this installation method :

  1. Make sure you have Python 2.7 installed.
  2. If point 1) is satisfied, you can now run the ez_alea_setup.py script.
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