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OpenAlea Software Environment


OpenAlea is an open source project primarily aimed at the plant research community, with a particular focus on Plant Architecture Modeling at different scales.

It is a distributed collaborative effort to develop Python libraries and tools which address the needs of current and future work in Plant Architecture modeling. OpenAlea includes modules to represent, analyse, and model the functioning and growth of plant architecture.

OpenAlea is developed concurrently on Windows, MacOsX and Linux. The source code is available under a free and libre license. If you are interested in OpenAlea and would like to help it grow, please join in the process.

Alinea project: Light interception on maize crop within OpenAlea


  • Share knowledge
    • Reuse software & tools
    • Share development between various teams
    • Share databases
    • Exchange experiences & methodologies
    • Share training effort
  • A component based software architecture
    • Integration of existing softwares & tools
    • Rapid development of new models
    • Quality rules

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OpenAlea provides

  • A visual programming tool based on a dataflow paradigm that makes the development of new models and applications intuitive
  • Tools and methodology to integrates existing models into the Python language
  • A component-based architecture that allows the dynamic and flexible creation of applications
  • Shared data structures and algorithms for plant modelling


OpenAlea is released under CECILL-C and CECILL-v2 licences (LGPL and GPL-like). Read the license informations.


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