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Create a new Page/Subcategory


You can add new pages on the web site.

The pages are classified in different subcategories.

To create a page :

  • select the correct category corresponding to your page,
  • enter the page name,
  • click on the Add page button.

You are not allowed to add pages

Subcategories / Packages

You can also create a subcategory to group pages together . A category is represented by a namespace. This functionnality can be use for instance if you want to create several page for a package.

To create a new subcategory :

  • choose a category to add the subcategory,
  • specify the new subcategory name,
  • click on the Add namespace button.

You will be then able to add new pages to this particular subcategory.

Nota : When creating a subcategory, you create a default page associated to it. This page is automatically displayed when you select the subcategory.

Editing an existing page

To edit an existing page, go to the page and click to edit this page (located on the left column in the white frame).

Nota : Some pages are protected and cannot be edited.

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