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-====== Modelling Sprint 2011 November, 23rd, 24th, 25th :  ======+====== Create a new Page/Subcategory ======
-Place : Clermont-Ferrand,  UMR PIAF +==== Pages ====
-Organisation: Gaetan Louarn et Marc Saudreau+
-===== Participants =====+You can add new pages on the web site.
-  * Boris Adam +The pages are classified in different subcategories. 
-  * Didier Combes +
-  * Gaetan Louarn  +
-  * Marc Saudreau+
-===== Results ===== +To create //page// : 
-This modeling sprint aimed at integrating 3D turbid-medium radiative transfer model (RIRIpart of RATP model) into OpenAlea.+  * select the correct category corresponding to your page, 
 +  * enter the page name, 
 +  * click on the //Add page// button.
-== Installation of RATP == +\\
-  * Problem of Fortan compilation at installation were solved using a specific version of MinGW (4.5.0)  on Windows +
-== RIRI model == +{{NEWPAGE}}
-  * The radiative transfer model was slpit from the do_all() RATP routine +
-  * The new routine is called using the do_interception() Fortran routine via F2py +
-  * Input files are the same than for do_all(), including a 3D grid describing the distribution of vegetation leaf area density  +
-  * Outputs are the radiative budget results for each 3D voxel of the grid and for each time of the meteo file+
-== Integration in VisuAlea == +\\
-  * A do_interception node was add to the pyRATP module with a demo +
-  * An adaptation for .can files as input (list of 3D triangles for the caribu model) was developed +
-  * A visualisation of radiative model outputs was done using the ViewMapOnCan node+
 +==== Subcategories / Packages====
 +You can also create a subcategory to group pages together . A category is represented by a //namespace//.
 +This functionnality can be use for instance if you want to create several page for a **package**.
-==== Future ====+To create a new //subcategory// : 
 +  *choose a category to add the subcategory, 
 +  *specify the new subcategory name, 
 +  * click on the //Add namespace// button.
-== Memory probem to solve for multiple runs == +You will be then able to add new pages to this particular subcategory.
-== Complete the connection with MTG ==+
 +//Nota// : When creating a subcategory, you create a default page associated to it. This page is automatically displayed when you select the subcategory.
 +====== Editing an existing page ======
 +To edit an existing page, go to the page and click to **edit this page** (located on the left column in the white frame). 
 +Nota : Some pages are protected and cannot be edited.
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