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Starting with Openalea 0.9, there is a command that lets you create packages without using Starter:

To create a package powertools for vplants

alea_create_package --project vplants --name powertools

For some help

alea_create_package --help


Authors : Samuel Dufour-Kowalski / Christophe Pradal

Institutes : INRIA

Status : Python package

License : Cecill-C

Type : Python/C++ package

Status : Devel



Starter is a dummy package. It can be used as an example to create a new autonomous package which will be compatible with other OpenAlea packages.

Starter package aims to demonstrate :

  • How to create a simple package with C++ wrappers.
  • How to create a simple SCons and SConsX SConstruct file.
  • How to write the installer script setup.py with distutils and DistX.
  • How to write Unit tests in python.


The starter package contains :

  • Meta informations files (README.TXT, AUTHORS.TXT, LICENSE.TXT).
  • General layout to reproduct for others packages (please replace starter with your package name).
  • Installation file (setup.py).
  • Autobuild scripts (SConstruct, src/cpp/SConscript, src/wrapper/SConscript).
  • C++ library (src/cpp, src/include).
  • C++ wrappers example with boost.python (src/wrapper).
  • Python package (src/starter).
  • Custom system configuration (options.py and setup.cfg).

Starter package is composed by two demonstration C++ libraries : libsceneobj_cpp and libscenecontainer_cpp. Each library is wrapped in two Python sub modules sceneobj and scenecontainer

The dependencies between libraries are:

       +---------------------+             +---------------+
       | scenecontainer.pyd  |             | sceneobj.pyd  |
       +------------+--------+             +-------+-------+
                    |                              |
                   \|/                            \|/
       +------------+----------+        +----------+---------+
       |libscenecontainer_cpp. +------->+libsceneobj_cpp.so  |
       +-----------------------+        +--------------------+

The file examples/example1.py contains a python script which uses these wrapped libraries.



Download starter from the Gforge repositery



There is no need to install starter since it is an example package.


Starter must be adapted to your need. The default installation command is:

python setup.py install

How to adapt starter for your own package

  • Rename the main directory with the name of your package,
  • Rename the sub-directory src/starter with the name of your python package and add the python source in

this directory,

  • Remove unnecessary files.
  • Adapt the setup.py distribution file,
  • Adapt the meta information files : README.TXT, AUTHORS.TXT, LICENSE.TXT,
  • Add documentation in the doc subdirectories,
  • Add examples in the examples directory,
  • Add test in the test subdirectory,
  • If you developpe C++ files,
    • Use the src/include, src/cpp and src/wrapper for your headers, source files and wrappers,
    • Adapt the SConsctruct and SConscript compilation scripts for your needs.


Have a look to the turorial how to create an OpenAlea package

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