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VPlants Packages

VPlants contains all the packages developed and distributed by the Virtual Plants team. It contains in particular the functionalities of the software AMAPmod and new ones (for simulating branching system growth, tissue development, etc.).

  • aml : aml language and python wrappers.
  • plantgl : 3D modeler and visualizer.
  • mtg : MTG data structure.
Structure Analysis
Tree analysis

Installation instructions

From Binary Egg

Use the OpenAlea Installer

From Source packages

  1. Install OpenAlea base packages (see Download/Install)
  2. You will need to install some dependencies
    • QT4
    • Boost.Python
    • Scons >=0.97
    • OpenAlea.Deploy
    • OpenAlea.SconsX
    • QHull
    • Flex/Bison
  1. Install the vplants packages separately or with a global script (see below)
    • tool
    • stat_tool
    • sequence_analysis
    • plantgl
    • amlobj
    • mtg
    • tree_matching
    • aml
    • tree
    • tree_statistic

Dependency graph

Build from source a single package

In a console, type in each package directory :

python setup.py install

If you want to build with mingw compiler (to replace MSVC)

python setup.py build --scons-ext-param="compiler=mingw" install

In case of errors, you can check your system configuration with the command

scons -h

Nota : you can create a file “options.py” to specify common sconsx parameters.

Common problems

scons or python command are not found

Check your PATH environment variable.

OpenGL libraries or includes are not found wih MinGW

Create an options.py and add

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