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User Documentation

L-Py Editor

Here comes a quick presentation of the different dialogs of the L-Py editor.

The Text Editor

The text editor allows you to edit the python and lsystem code. Syntax highlighting make it easy to distinguish the different parts of the code.

The Description

The editor allows you to edit meta-informations of the l-system such as the authors, the textual description and possible references.

The Color Map Editor

Geometric interpretation of the structure is based on a set of materials. The editor allows you to explore and edit them. Each sphere represents one material. Passing mouse above one sphere raise a message on the status bar indicating the id of the material. A double click opens material editor. Selection of a set of materials can be made by pressing left mouse button on the first one and releasing the button above the last one. Selected spheres become bigger. Selection can be removed, cut, copy or interpolate. Interpolation on a selection will interpolate the first and last selected materials and change intermediate materials accordingly.

The Property Editor

It contains global parameters of the simulation.
In version 1.0, you can control

  • Module declaration : Make it mandatory or not
  • User selection required : Look after each plot if the user has selected something in the viewer.
  • Module matching : Control the type of module matching. Could be simple, or support *args (e.g A(x,*args) → B ) or value constraint (e.g. C(1) → D).

The Shell

A python shell. The L-system internal object and the produced string are accessible under the variables lsystem and lstring. Shell can be clear using command clear().

The Preferences

This dialog allows you to specify preferred appearance and behaviour for the application.

The Help

Recaps of the commands and symbols defined in L-Py. The predefined symbols and their documentations are automatically generated from introspection on the module.

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