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L-Py is a Python version of Lindenmayer Systems. It is based on the specification of Lstudio/cpfg-lpfg defined by P. Prusinkiewicz et al. (See algorithmicbotany.org).

The project is now hosted on Github at the following address: https://github.com/openalea/lpy


Authors : Frédéric Boudon. Virtual Plants team.
Institutes : CIRAD - INRIA - INRA.
Type : OpenAlea Component / Python & C++ Package.
Status : Stable.
License : GPL.


Installers of standalone version for Windows and Mac are available here (Choose last version).

Automatic installers for Windows, Mac and Linux are available on the OpenAlea website. You have to install the OpenAlea and VPlants installer on Mac and Windows.

For linux, you have to install the openalea et vplants apt-repository and then install python-vplants.lpy module (dependencies will be installed automatically).

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:christophe-pradal/openalea
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:christophe-pradal/vplants
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-vplants.lpy

To update your environment variables type a command ( do not execute this command as root):


To run lpy, on Mac and Linux, you just have to type on a shell,

>>> lpy &

On windows, an icon is available in the menu Programs/OpenAlea/L-Py.

For the bravest, installation from sources is explained here.


With OpenAlea v1.0, the icon is not installed. You should go to C:/Python27/Scripts and right click on lpy.exe and Send To/Desktop.

At launch, you may have the error message of the type Cannot find MCVRT71.dll. To solve this, Just install Microsoft .Net Redistribuable.

Latests News

  • July 17th 2009: Version 1.3.0. SVN Revision 6635.
    • Code optimization to have faster simulations.
    • Introduction of regular expressions.

Previous News

  • September 4th 2008: Version 1.0.0 Release Candidate 2. SVN Revision 5469.
    • A bundle test version for windows is available here.
  • August 13th 2008: Version 1.0.0 RC1. SVN Revision 5408.
    • Release process begin.
  • August 8th 2008: Release version 0.20.0. SVN Revision 5394. See ChangeLog.
    • Releasing new interface with multiple documents editing.
  • July 24th 2008: Release version 0.18.0. SVN Revision 5338. See ChangeLog.
    • Rename project as lpy. Now use ”import openalea.lpy. Change file and dir names accordingly.
  • July 2nd 2008: Release version 0.15.0. SVN Revision 5171. See ChangeLog.
    • Module name declaration. ModuleClass object.
    • #” are now only considered as comments in lpy code. Previous lpy code should be updated accordingly.
  • June 12th 2008: Release version 0.14.0. SVN Revision 5086. See ChangeLog.
    • Editable options of an Lsystems. getIterationNb added. Module matching control.
  • May 22th 2008: Release version 0.12.1. SVN Revision 4920. See ChangeLog.
    • add selection in the visualisation and convertion to an X symbol.
  • May 15th 2008: Release version 0.11.0. SVN Revision 4902. See ChangeLog.
    • add groups of rules in lsystems.
  • May 15th 2008: Release version 0.10.0. SVN Revision 4893. See ChangeLog.
    • animation timestep is now dynamic during animation and is saved in lpy file.
    • module @g to plot custom plantgl geometric symbol. module _ to replace #.
    • Fix bugs.
  • May 14th 2008: Release version 0.9.0. SVN Revision 4892. See ChangeLog.
    • Better management of errors in the lpy when parsing and at runtime.
  • May 13th 2008: Release version 0.8.0. SVN Revision 4889.
    • Merge kernel and gui modules. gui is now a submodule of pylsystems.
  • April 29th 2008: Release version 0.7.1 for kernel and 0.5.1 for the GUI. SVN Revision 4846.
    • Seems stable in non using thread mode.


This page is planned to be replaced in favor of LPy's sphinx documentation.
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