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Table of Contents

Road map

Road Map for version 2.0
  • Kernel
    • Left matching : allow matching of A[I[E]H]HB by rule A[I]H < B.
    • Lpy as executable
    • Sub Lsystem, Sub group
    • produce in comment, print should not be processed
  • Parameters
    • Function edition : name, tickmark
    • Geometric Symbol load/edition.
    • Texture import
    • Patch edition
    • Temporal function
    • Temporal patch
  • Editor
    • Parenthesis matching highlighting.
    • fold/unfold of block of command.
    • Debug mac shell introspection
    • Escape should ask Quit confirmation
    • Model version management / model browsing, etc.

Previous Road map

Road Map for version 2.0
  • Kernel
    • Regular expression in rules.
    • Scale associated to modules. Context matching can depend of scale.
    • use of other compiler than simple python : cython.
    • Profiler (Shark on mac)
    • [set|is]_plottable_iteration lpy functions
    • min_plottable_iteration lpy function : to specify minimum number of iteration before plot (computation of first view/bounding box setting of the viewer)
    • Debugger
  • Editor
    • “Goto line” feature.
Road Map for version 1.0
  • Kernel
    • Make accessible Lstring and generated scene into EndEach.
    • Selection of module. Insertion of a X module in the string.
    • Group of rules
    • Transforming lpy file into one py file to have exact correspondance of lines for exceptions.
    • nproduce statement
    • explicit exceptions for lpy special command error
    • Prevent multiple access to Lsystem object
    • getIterationNb lpy function
    • Context option management
    • Module matching option : simple, with condition on parameter value (F(0) –> *), with star parameter, with star name
    • # should now only mean comment in production part of lpy file.
  • Parameters
    • Time step saving into file
  • Turtle
    • module # to change
    • module to plot custom geometric symbol
  • Editor
    • Configuration panel
      • Tab vs space option
      • Font size and color
      • history size, backup policy, etc.
    • Possible reload of document when they have changed on disk.
    • Tab vs space possibility.
    • Automatic tabbing when press enter. Special case for line ending with ':'
    • add case sensitive option to find.
    • extend find to be able to replace.
    • highlight error line.
    • backup at launch/restore at crash.
    • highlight python function name
    • Tabs and spaces at line begin visually represented.
  • Web site
    • Add main features section to present L-Py
    • In doc section, add sections on:
      • Matching string pattern
      • Lpy file specification
      • Editor presentation
Road Map for version 0.8
  • Merge project pylsystems and pylsysgui
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